The Claremont McKenna Student Investment Fund.

Our organization provides qualified students with an opportunity to engage in investment research and portfolio management while managing over $2.2 million in assets. Our alumni go on to join prestigious firms such as J.P. Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs & Co., Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Bain & Co., KKR & Co., Apollo Global Management and McKinsey & Co.

Please note, this year we will only be recruiting in the Fall.

Applications are closed!

Who We Are.

The Claremont McKenna College Student Investment Fund (CMC SIF) was founded in 1974 when an alumnus of the College donated $500 in investment securities. His intention was to give qualified students an opportunity to study investing and portfolio management through a “trial by fire” approach, while also creating value for the College’s endowment. The fund has grown substantially since its inception, and now manages over $2 million of the Claremont McKenna College endowment.

  • The Investment Process.

    Weekly research on publicly traded companies.

    This involves using various tools, including Bloomberg terminals, CapIQ, and news sources. In our training sessions, members learn how to use these valuable financial analysis tools.

  • 2
    Industry Group Meetings.

    Every week, members meet in their respective industry groups, led by the porfolio manager and VP of the group. Investment ideas are shared and discussed.

  • 3
    Pre-Pitch Preperation and Presentation

    Each week, one industry group presents a prepitch to the fund at the weekly meeting. In preparation for this pitch, members will dive into financial modeling and company research to present to the fund in a short pitch.

  • 4
    Investment Pitch and Voting Process

    The following week, the industry group presents their investment idea in more depth. Questions are asked following the presentation, and the fund votes on the investment idea. Simple majority decides if the investment idea will be pursued.